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Regulations and Terms for Bidding

All bidders and buyers should read carefully to follow and agree the following regulations and terms.

1, Bidding using this online or online register/sign up as SUI HING KOK AUCTIONEERS  with simply named as "US" or "Auctioneers"

2, Responsibilities' Statement:       All bidders (sellers)ought to submit your Passport or your Nationality ID 60 mins in advance to take your Bidder's Paddle No.      All bidders Paddle No. are not  allowed to pass or to borrow to all third party and secure this Paddle No. privately.      However, bidders must need to bear all responsibilities 'and risks on these auction items.          i, Additional 3% Fee will be charged on the top of our buyer’s premium, if participate in any Auction held by "Live Auctioneers".   ii, Additional 5% Fee will be charged on the top of our buyer’s premium, if participate in any Auction held by "Invaluable".  

3,  Auction Reserve (Price) Notes:  A reserve price is set by (or on behalf of) the seller and the guide price is for the buyer. Lowest fixed price at which an item is offered at an auction sale and at which it will be sold if no higher price is bid. All items are not allowed sell below the reserve price. 

4,  Disclaimer           A,  In relate to our auction catalogue, all related words/phrases, photos, valuations, production of images, internet, any types of             promotion materials and all associated multi-media advertisements are for bidders'/sellers' references only.      B,   Our Party will not guarantee correctness by all forms of descriptions via written documents, verbally descriptions, period, authors, materials,           measurements, weights, quantities, colours, explicitly or implicitly of such defect to determine antique authenticity.  All auction items are based           on "original" images for bidding inclusive of all incidences of malfunction.    C,   Solemnly Statement:            All bidders should investigate or appraise your preferred items for auctions in advance and bear all responsibilities of each           auction.           Meanwhile,  our party will not bear any responsibilities for these descriptions details shown on our directory list in order to lead bidders as a            discretion.            All sold items are non-refundable and count as a Final deal of each auction.          D,    For further enquiries, bidders can contact us at [email protected] 

5,      Auctioneers' Discretion:     A,     If any bidders(sellers)/buyers have any conflicts about any transcations, auctioneers preserve all rights to mollify these issues in related to this           jurisdictions. B,    Auctioneers keep all rights to restart to bid in order to transfer the deal about the controversial objects. C,    Auctioneers preserve all rights to return auctions items before auction and keep choosing other auction items for replacement at anytime. D,    Auctioneers will implement the participation duties for all bidders, whether in person, by phone, via absentee bid or by way of an Live         Internet Platform.   Our party will not bear any responsibilities for failure bidders who are neglected for the said terms and conditions and miss out         each particular auction.                  

6,  Successful Bid: Buyers' Premium:   A,  "Buyer" means the bidder whose bids or offer for a lot is recognized by an auctioneer as the highest bid for that lot in an auction held by the company (Sui Hing Kok Auctioneer) including the principal on         behalf of which such bidder acts.  B,   All sold items are final deal. No refund or return.  C,    After bid is successful within 48 hours, invoices and all related will issue to successful bidder by e-mail.  D,  Buyer should pay the purchase price including the hammer price, the buyer's premium, other buyer's expenses - expenses arising from its failure to perform its obligations.  By then, buyers' own auction       items property rights.  E,   Standard rate of buyer’s premium is based on hammer price for each piece - % chart of buyer’s premium range are shown below :        - First striking hammer price USD$100,000 is 20%       - Over USD 100,001 is 18%       -  Over USD200,001 is 15% 

7,  Payment: Payment is expected the first week / 7 working days after the sale, payment is expected in full.  Accepted payment methods can via "Approved Check" and payable to "Sui Hing Kok", wire transfer, bank transfer, cash and credit card (Visa , Master, Amex) and by Paypal.   All payments are accepted in USD only.  Please note:  All credit card payment from buyers should be accepted in the maximum of USD3000. Additional 3% fee will be charged if pay by credit card. 

8,  Shipping:  A,  Buyer should pay all related transportation fees, such as insurance, handling fees and taxes. B,   Our party will not bear any responsibilities for losses, damages for any items in the duration of customs clearance, packing and transportation.  C,   Our party strongly recommend that all buyers should buy all related items' insurance.   D,   We will ship the related items to buyers within 7 working days once we receive payment in full, and will email you Tracking Number once items are dispatched.  E, Our party will not bear any custom charges. Storage  E,    We need/will transfer all successful bid items within 30 calendar days.  We will not bear any responsibilities for any items which places over 30 days in our office  (except both parties - buyer(bidder) and         seller (Auctioneer/ Sui Hing Kok) agree for storage period.  Over 30 days for those related items, surcharge will be applied for each item in USD10 for each day.  Once such storage fees are over actual        hammer price, our party (Sui Hing Kok Auctioneer) preserves all rights to access another upcoming auction afterwards. 

9,  Auction process on some types of items/merchandise after sale - Export/Import        Remarks:  It is the buyer's responsibility to obtain any relevant export or import licence.  (Only buyers' are responsible for obtaining and complying with all export requirements)         The said specific rules and regulations for export licence/permits refer to merchandise identified by certain countries, these merchandise/items are including, Ivory, Amber, Coral, Rhinoceros Horn        and all related objects of animals and plants. 

10,  Copyrights :  From the directory list, all contents including phrases, words, photos, images, images with such designs and productions are protected by copyrights which are owned or licensed by  "The Company" "Sui Hing Kok Auctioneer".   Without the prior written permission of the company, you may not reproduce in any forms of create derivative works from the said all contents mentioned  as above.  


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